Accomplish A Game-Changer for Benefit Brokers

Employee benefit planning is vital to attain reliable and good resources. The Human Resource department is striving hard to find the useful personnel for their workplace. However, there are various employee benefits software that could be seen at the company. If we talk about the best agency management system for employee benefit brokers, there are various perks that they could offer.

However, more than billions of dollars are invested in the HR and employee benefits administration industry. We hear about a new software company emerging every day, introducing the latest technology to target small and large organizations. 

You must be familiar with some of the biggest names that crop up on the internet every time you search employee benefits software. Emerging technologies are contributing in every industry with fast moving software and applications that could help them to achieve efficient work culture. 

Needless to say, these platforms have helped ease the life of HR managers and employers by taking the burden off their shoulders. However, we also cannot deny the fact that they are replacing traditional brokers as well. Yes, the digital portals ensure efficiencies, reliability and also reduce errors but the interaction and trust that traditional brokers bring cannot be denied. 

In today’s world everyone endeavors to develop and perform well in the world of IT infrastructure. Agreed, there are various Human Resource Management software that are trending in the market and claim to solve all your problems under one roof. 

We feel it’s not always easy to use each and every software to unclog your management needs. Keeping this in mind, we have Accomplish EP for you! 

Accomplish is a human capital management software that offers various benefits for the workplace. Whether it’s about payroll features or tax compliance, Accomplish got everything for your needs. This smart HCM tool is curated to fulfill the emerging needs of employees and yes employers too! 

As the name suggests itself, Accomplish, it is ready to complete your daily task by merging every human resource function into one place. You can have insights on productivity, benefits compliance solution, employee performance and development at your enterprise level. 

Accomplish is a SaaS based Human Capital Management Software that also extends its hands with minimizing infrastructure costs and time. Apart from this, you can also access the information on Accomplish from anywhere in the world.

Hence, Accomplish is a destination where brokers and clients can come together and work in an integrated and modern system. This platform is open to all employee benefits brokers where they can keep pace with the digital brokers and connect with clients and employees directly. 

We have come with an all-in-one HR software solution that brings benefits administration and HR systems under one roof. Additionally, employees can get top-notch services that offer an effective and modern solution, hence, creating a win-win situation for them. As for traditional brokers, it will pave the way to connect with clients and boost sales without thinking about competing with digital solutions. 

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However, many people are still confused about the term Employee Benefits Broker. If you are one of them, we will share a bit here for your better understanding. 

What Is an Employee Benefits Broker?

Employee Benefits Broker-Accomplishep

The word “Broker” owns a fixed definition according to many people. Some people assume Broker as an insurance agent or real estate person. However, the brokers are the people who have access to various features and can assist people to narrow down their preferences. 

It is important to understand that not every employee benefit brokers are the same. Some of team work for one company as a health insurance advisor and they will guide you to take the service from their advisory. On the other hand, some employee benefits brokers are tied to only one particular benefit. They would too help you to extend various options and features, but they won’t be having good deep knowledge of every area. 

We hope now you have understood what is the Employee Benefits Broker, now we will understand what challenges they face. 

Challenges Faced by Insurance Brokers

Insurance Brokers Challenges-Accomplishep

As we already mentioned, traditional brokers think that their job is at risk due to the rise of digital platforms, artificial intelligence services, and technological advancements. As online portals offer various services and integrate the entire system on one dashboard, this switch comes as no surprise. 

Moreover, another problem that brokers face is the lack of insurance among companies. Despite millions of private sector organizations in the country, only a few are insured while others are simply ignoring or procrastinating insurance. The prime factor that prevents them from buying insurance is high cost.

The business owners look for the options which can cater to their individual goals and can be customized according to their needs. To top it all, data entry and managing the information consumes long hours for each group and in the case of multiple clients, it can take days and weeks. 

However, Accomplish comes with the solution to all these problems. We help employee benefits insurance brokers develop their skills and provide them with the latest technology to support clients. We also create personalized plans to meet the needs of clients. Most importantly, we ensure the security of data and manage databases using smart technology. 

This saves brokers a lot of time and effort which can be put to other productive tasks. 

How Can Accomplish EP Help Brokers?

As soon as we announced Accomplish, large and small businesses collaborated with us and started using this amazing platform. With our product at their service, they provided the employees with improved benefits programs and plans. 

Even traditional brokers witnessed their sales skyrocketing within no time. So, the big question is how Accomplish revolutionized the employee benefits industry in favor of brokers. To find the answer, have a read through these points:

Eliminate Digital Brokers

With digital brokers expanding their business across the globe, traditional ones have to come up with something innovative and powerful that can get the attention of businesses at once. This is where Accomplish steps in, as it not only wins your business back but also safeguards you against increasing churn rate. 

We will work with you as a trusted partner to bring back groups from digital platforms and help you protect your business. You can go through our portfolio and registered employee benefits brokers which are the testimony to our success rate and excellent work.  

Move Businesses Off PEOs

PEOs work on a one-size-fits-all approach and even put a strain on the budget. Hence, switching to brokers can be a big step for businesses to save their investment and provide the staff with personalized services. However, this shifting from one platform to another can be tricky and strenuous. 

We make this complicated task smooth and effortless and all you need to do as a broker is getting quotes. Using our organized software, we will assist companies consisting of hundreds of employees to implement the system within a few weeks, set it up, and start the open enrollment. 

Make Your Clients Happy

Understanding the benefits plan is not easy for employees, they have several questions that need to be answered accurately to avoid any confusion. Moreover, explaining to them every clause and condition can be challenging for you too. Therefore, Accomplish comes with an option where you can give them a demo of the entire scheme. 

Our team works closely with you at every step to present the employee benefits program precisely. Refer our product to your clients and we assure you that we will provide them with the most efficient solution to their problems. Let’s agree with the point that if your employees are happy, it will increase sales and will retain more targeted customers. However, you can also start first with your employees and get feedback from them. If you are satisfied with those remarks, share Accomplish with your customer. You know what? You will surely adore Accomplish! 

Reduce Operating Costs

Operating Costs Reduction-Accomplishep

We have a separate team on board to look after the recruiting process and help minimize operating expenses. The professionals will look after the end-to-end implementation for all the clients and as we are done with setting up and running the software, we will manage terminations, new hires, and demographic changes on behalf of companies. 

Business Intelligence Tools

You read it right! The business intelligence tools are the new innovation not only in HR departments but in the existence of employee benefit brokers too. Every company will eventually look for smart and efficient tools that will give them better insights of their competition and overall scope for their operational management. 

This is when the Business Intelligence Tool came in the picture and transformed the organization into actionable intelligence. This process will ensure positive business techniques and strategies for rapid growth. These tools will also help employee benefit brokers to make them understand about the continuous plans that you are offering. 

Why Choose Accomplish EP?

We understand it is not always easy for the HR department to look over each and every employee regarding their general queries and issues. Hence, it is important to reduce their workload by introducing Accomplish to your workplace. Let’s agree with the point that when you simply search HR software solution on the internet and you will be flooded with a myriad of options to select from. 

There will be some renowned names on the list while others will be emerging in the human resource software ecosystem. Every single one of them will claim to be the best in the industry, offering you exclusive features and benefits. 

However, employee benefits brokers still prefer us over other HR platforms. Why? Well, there is no one reason for that but our powerful platform and efficient work is what gets us all the attention. Here are some of the few reasons that make us stand out from other all-in-one HR and benefit administration systems:

Enhance Benefits Management

Benefits management is one of the top expenses for any company and owners have to be meticulous while selecting the right HR platform for their organizations. They have to seek a platform that offers them all the services in one place while taking care of their employees’ requirements. 

That is exactly what Accomplish, one of the best agency management systems for employee benefits brokers, does. Along with bringing together all the features and benefits of an integrated HR system, it also provides employees with the experience of a traditional broker. Our services include:

  • Automatic handling of payroll and benefits deductions.
  • Ensure ACA, payroll, SPDs compliance.
  • Easy enrollment and online quoting for renewals, hire, groups, and QLEs.
  • Keep an eye on HSA, FSA, and commuter benefits.
  • From notice delivery to payment collection, it administers the COBRA scheme.

Offer A Wide Range Of Functionalities & Features

The first thing that employees and business owners look for in an HR system is user experience and design. If they can easily navigate through the platform, complete their task conveniently, and get an impressive design, then there is nothing that can take your clients away. 

Accomplish is designed exclusively for employee benefits brokerage services and consists of various features. We have created a product that can adapt to the size of the company, whether it has 2 employees or 1000. Rest assured that once you present them with our software, they will not be able to decline your offer and services at any cost. 

  • Customizes email to communicate with clients and offers event management systems.
  • Supports all the contribution schemes available to employees and businesses.
  • Offers support to group health insurance plans along with EOI forms.
  • Handles workflows, approval, and audits.
  • Deals with benefits like critical illness, accidents, and hospital indemnity. 

Now, rather than using different platforms while growing from small to medium-sized enterprises, companies simply need to incorporate our software into their HR system. 

It can adapt according to their requirements and size without any complications, offering features that any other robust platform includes. Whether you are working with the clients in the USA or dealing with international groups, Accomplish is the one-stop destination for the global workforce. 

Track all your clients at one place

Managing hundreds of clients together can be tricky and burdensome. You have to keep a tab on their records and type of plans without committing any error. Our product comes with a solution that enables you to handle all the clients in a single place.

  • Creates client billing when you cover the cost on behalf of a client for any specific plan.
  • Adds collaborators who have access to the groups that they are dealing with.
  • Sends updates and notifications for upcoming events like open enrollment.
  • Manages all the tasks that revolve around the benefits enrollment process and confirmation.
  • Give search results and filter the list for terminations, recruits, and QLEs.

Streamline all the tasks on a single platform

HR is not the only aspect that companies have to handle. There are other tasks too, including IT. What if we can combine all these areas together and bring them on one dashboard? Yes, Accomplish has come up with a system that allows you and businesses to take care of all the tasks on one system. 

It can be anything from payroll and employee benefits planning to apps and computers, we have integrated everything in one software to take the burden off your shoulders. The HR manager can update information about employees within no time, including their insurance, payroll, etc., and access the third-party apps, including Gmail and Slack. 

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In case there are any changes in the details in the future, it will be updated across all the platforms automatically, saving time and effort. 

Get Registered with Accomplish EP Broker Program

Looking at the current trend of the employee benefits industry, one thing is certain – brokers will continue to solidify their position in the HR system. Yes, there may be a little shift toward digital brokers but the credibility and personal attention that traditional brokers provide will soon bring the groups back to them. 

The time is not far when people will be talking about “which benefits broker you should hire?” rather than “why should you hire a benefits broker?” So, it’s better that you focus on providing flawless services to your clients. Accomplish can be your trusted partner in this quest, making it easier for you to handle clients and boost sales. You don’t have to go through lengthy formalities to get yourself registered with us. 

We believe in offering the best technology and solutions to employees and businesses and if you share the same view, then connect with us soon. With us as your partner, you will receive dedicated support and training. You will also have a single dashboard to handle your numerous clients that access your enrollments automatically. 

Does this whole idea sound interesting? Then we would like to hear from you.

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