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Companies are constantly looking for effective ways to enhance the productivity and efficiency of employees. Employers and HR departments seek a reliable tool that can streamline employee data, reduce paperwork, and manage payroll & benefits. Hence, they are replacing manual processes and data handling with smart and automated solutions like Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal that help the team members focus more on their core activities.

Employee self-service software is not a new concept, and many organizations have already adopted it. It has become a highly desirable HR tool for employers and employees, making it easier for them to view and update critical information anytime, anywhere. This online application enables employees to access their personal details, timecards, PTO balances, benefits information, and make changes within no time. As per a recent survey, over 73% of employees in the US prefer a self-service platform. From managing their HR and payroll-related information to updating their schedules to centralizing all the necessary information, it takes care of every HR function in one place and empowers employees, making them less dependent on HR managers. 

Just log in details and employees can request time offs, update their work progress, change personal information, and check benefits plans instantly. Apart from reducing routine administration and allowing employees quick access to all the relevant data, this HR technology offers a lot more. Before we read about its benefits, let’s know a little more about the ESS portal in detail.

What Is Employee Self-Service Software?

With a revolution in corporate culture, HR systems also evolved significantly. Yes, outgrowing and replacing decades-old manual processes took a long time but now the HR world is rapidly shifting toward a more advanced and efficient system called Employee self-service, a solution that plays a pivotal role in this advancement.

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ESS or employee self-service is a common HR solution to enable employees to access their documents and job-related details via an automated portal. It aims at helping companies to work efficiently while saving valuable time and ensuring data accuracy. The workforce takes administrative matters into their own hands while provides a lot of time to HR departments for other productive and core tasks. Also, employees have the responsibility for their development and work-related tasks for which they otherwise have to go back and forth to HR managers. As they no longer have to visit the human resource office for benefits enrollment, PTO and compensation requests, and more, it saves a great deal of time, money, and effort.

These employee self-service platforms fulfill the growing need for the digital workspace and eliminate the dependence on Excel spreadsheets, Word Documents, and paper-based HR tasks. This creates transparency, keeps the data up to date, and enhances employee satisfaction. 

Thanks to ESS, some of the most basic and time-consuming tasks are simplified, providing several benefits for managers and employees. It consolidates information into a single user-friendly interface and aligns individual interests with organizational goals. 

Key Features of Employee Self-Service Portals:

  • Time & Attendance
  • Payroll 
  • Time Off Requests
  • Online HR Documents
  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee Training
  • Alerts & Notification

Benefits of Employee Self-Service Portal

According to research, HR departments still spend approx 60% of their time in operational and transactional tasks and ESS can reduce this time significantly by empowering employees to manage their own profiles and benefits plans. Let’s take a look at some other benefits of this modern HR tool:

Standardizes Compliance & Avoid Risks

Staying compliant is one of the greatest challenges for organizations, especially small businesses. However, HR software for small business can make it easier and hassle-free by making communication effective through a self-service portal. It updates employee information and required data timely and sends automated alerts to concerned people. Also, it fulfills significant reporting requirements related to government rules and regulations, such as FMLA, EEO, and OSHA. Every department has the relevant information they need to meet their goals, stay compliant and mitigate risks. Managers have the access to the same information as HR departments, allowing them to generate reports within a few clicks, thereby reducing errors and avoiding penalties. 

Integrated with ACA compliance software, ESS tracks, and processes all the reports in the appropriate format and provides legislative updates. Moreover, in remote working, when companies need a standardized system for document distribution, schedules, performance management, and more, this unified system manages all. 

Increases Employee Engagement

Employees want more control over their careers, benefits programs, information, and anything that concerns them. Employee self-service gives them direct access to their information related to their routine tasks, time-offs, training, and advancements opportunities and allows them to update their data. As they have more responsibility and control over their data, it ensures more accuracy, transparency, and timely updates. Hence, leading to increased productivity and retention. As they can easily check the company’s policies and edit their information, they are more engaged at work. It will reduce misunderstandings and bring clarity across the organization. They no longer have to wait for basic details about internal programs and time-off request approvals, and will feel more invested in the company. 

If any employee wants to see benefits plans available or needs details about PTO, he/she simply needs to sign in to the ESS from anywhere and have all the information at their fingertips. This will give more time to employers and HR teams to grow business and focus on other important matters. 

Better Benefits Management

HR executives, managers, and employers spend a lot of time on benefits administration. They not only have to select the best plans for their employees but explain the pros, cons, eligibility, and usability of these schemes to each of them. Needless to say that this consumes a lot of energy, effort, and time which can be invested in other tasks. This is where the benefits employee portal comes in handy as it includes every necessary information about various plans and their features in detail. It tracks and monitors all the employee benefits schemes, employee and employer contributions, coverage details, COBRA enrollment, and the payment history that anyone can access anytime. 

All the employees can log in to the platform, check their participation, eligibility, and statements for retirement savings and benefits programs. During the open enrollment period, they can quickly view and enroll in these plans, including health savings, dental and vision insurance, and flexible spending accounts. Accomplish EP helps them to navigate and find the most suitable plans with ease, check status, review pay history, and reprint. As employees can easily obtain the information on their own, management doesn’t have to worry about answering and resolving their queries. 

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Ensures Accuracy & Transparency

When you work with a middleman or rely on others, lots of key information can get lost. Hence, to help you keep pace with this data-driven world, our self-service portal offers BI tools that turn HR databases into meaningful data for actionable insights. At any point in time, employees can log in to their accounts, look at the important information stored on the portal, and confirm its authenticity. Even employers can access the data to find the talent with the required skills and experience to handle a complicated project. They can mobilize the workforce to meet the need of rapid economic changes.

In addition, as employees have the ability to update their personal information and change their benefits plans according to life events, it eliminates duplicate data entry, chances of errors, and increases record-keeping accuracy. Documents related to salary revisions, safety procedures, benefits, complaints, certifications, contact details, etc., can be viewed within seconds. Also, employees have the responsibility to complete the information regarding leave balances, time & attendance, time-off requests, etc., which leads to accurate timesheets and prevents payroll mistakes. 

Streamlines Communication

Communication is key to run a successful business and maintain coordination between various departments. However, paper-based work and manual processes are hardly efficient enough to achieve this and often fail in complicated environments. This is where ESS comes into play and connects the entire organization through a single integrated system. Accomplish EP’s talent management software handles PTO requests and holidays smoothly and keeps the correct attendance records. This HR tool solves all the problems of human resource teams with its open shift notification that allows employees to volunteer for open time slots through streamlined software. 

Employee self-service platform centralizes department, team, and company-wide communication and keeps everyone involved in the project in the loop. It sends timely alerts and notifications for benefits renewal, project deadlines, task submission, and more. It prompts employees to clock-in before they get late and managers can make changes in schedules in case of approaching overtime. 


Employee self-service software is a reliable and result-oriented way for HR managers and employers to keep their organization efficient, engaged, and connected. It improved workplace effectiveness and productivity while bringing transparency. Whether employees are working from an office or remotely, it ensures data security on the cloud and is an integral part of today’s modern HR strategy. Rest assured that you will soon witness optimum scheduling, legal compliance, accurate timekeeping, enhanced communication, automated benefits enrollment, and process efficiency.

Accomplish EP is an intuitive, affordable, and seamless HCM platform to unify all HR functions. It is trusted by thousands of employers and employees for its powerful features. So, if you are done with managing all HR activities manually, then it’s time to make the change and empower your employees with our user-friendly HR software. 


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