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Employees are the most valuable and indispensable asset for any company. Considering how difficult it is to find suitable and top talent nowadays, organizations can’t afford high employee turnover. Therefore, employers must use creative and reliable methods like using employee onboarding software. This is where HR technology or HCM software can prove to be efficient and result-oriented. With the hiring spree coming near, the HR department and employers have a lot to deal with. There is so much going on through their brain as the process starts and also have to address challenges that come their way.

For companies looking forward to recruiting top talent, effective employee onboarding software can be a blessing. It offers a ton of faster and innovative ways that can be integrated into the whole process to eliminate additional stress and workload for both new hires and interviewers. Also, with such a faster and creative system, you can improve the retention rate and ensure an engaging environment. Also, this welcoming and meticulous process shows how valuable employees mean to business which adds to their loyalty. Over the years, we have heard a lot about HR technology and its benefits but the big question is, how it establishes a systematized approach to onboarding and makes it time-efficient.

Hence, we have listed a few ways of how end-to-end software can contribute to better and faster onboarding. Have a look:

Automated Screening

Screening applications and candidates are the foremost and key step of the onboarding process. There are hundreds or even thousands of applications submitted in large organizations. One cannot expect them to evaluate every applicant manually, reading several CVs in a day and then select the most suitable ones. This would be time-consuming and demand a lot of effort. Thus, most companies have switched to automated onboarding software that takes care of all the sourcing and screening process within a few minutes. This one-stop solution is making its way into organizations and is empowered by Artificial Intelligence Services.

Businesses are using it in an applicant tracking software, time clock software, and many more to hire the best candidates at the earliest. During a large volume of applications, such as bulk-hiring, campus placements, etc., onboarding managers can respond to all of them without hassle as the software generates appropriate reverts and sends them to each candidate. Based on the job requirements, it screens all the potential applicants, then shortlists and ranks them according to eligibility so interviewers can determine top candidates. This HCM talent management software also gathers and stores relevant information in a structured manner.

Candidate Qualification Evaluation

As we mentioned that going through a plethora of applications and narrowing the most suitable ones can be quite daunting for hiring managers, this often leads to chaos and confusion which delays the recruiting process. Moreover, top applicants are often ignored as HR professionals could not check all people who are qualified for the job. However, with advanced technology and efficient tools, they can address this challenge and make sure that only the right candidates are called for the interview. This modern system provides managers with useful information that they need to analyze and evaluate applicants based on their skills, knowledge, eligibility, experience, history, employment, and other details. Everything is displayed on one dashboard which is accessible easily by employers.

HR solutions also include functionalities and features required to test candidates and give accurate results to managers, conveying whether a particular person would be fit for the job or not. It conducts personalized aptitude tests to evaluate their knowledge in a meaningful way and saves valuable time. Rather than relying on subjective opinions, they can use facts and statistics for unbiased hiring decisions.

A Single Source of Communication

Big and large scale companies often struggle with maintaining smooth communication. Different departments or branches could not connect with each other as there is no unified platform that brings them together. With HCM software, this problem has been resolved significantly as it has given them a single source to communicate and connect whenever needed. Of course, when a new employee joins a team, he/she will have to collaborate with other colleagues. They need a system where others can welcome and help them instantly even when they are not available in the office.

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Moreover, the technology also allows HR teams to interact with suitable candidates and schedule interviews. In this fast pace era, this modern tech development enables companies and employers to keep track of the existing employees and also explore new channels where they can find new hires. When applicants contact the organization using multiple channels for jobs, companies can track the source easily. It also stores all the essential database and provides the required information whenever needed.

Quick Team Introduction

Getting to know coworkers in the initial days establishes a deeper sense of connectedness within employees even before they start real work. Yes, the traditional way of face-to-face communication is the best way to get acquainted with the team. However, with remote working becoming the need of the hour, this might not be the viable option for many. So, what is the other efficient alternative to introducing recruits to the whole team? A comprehensive HR software solution that has all the necessary employee details and data. We cannot ignore email or Slack or Skype that have become popular tools to stay connected with team members.

However, with custom software, they can seek other information, such as birth dates, department, expertise, likes and dislikes, and more. With video conferencing, all employees can be engaged and participate in the orientation process. They can have a virtual lunch with new members and discuss more. There is also an option to fill a unique get-to-know-you survey that helps coworkers spark conversation and share interesting facts which will give them a better understanding of their personal and professional life. The technology also enables employers to share a map of employees that will be a centralized hub and shows the different roles and responsibilities of all employees.

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New Hire Mentorship Program

As employees enter an organization, they are neither familiar with work culture nor know much about their work. Of course, they would need guidance at every step from someone experienced and senior. Team members can certainly help them but no one can replace the team leader or mentor. That is why HR employee onboarding software includes a Mentorship Program which makes the whole hiring process creative and engaging. It is an integral part to make sure that employees are connected to their immediate manager or mentor along with other members.

Through the platform, seniors can assign daily tasks, introduce them to the team and work environment, address their problems, and stay in touch anytime, anywhere. According to a recent survey, it is reported that when it comes to mentors or managers making connections with subordinates or team members, more than 90% of them fail because of communication issues that restrict them to perform their duties effectively. Let’s not forget about virtual meetings or happy hours that are now made easy with HCM software solutions.

Instant Follow-up

Hitherto, we have emphasized the importance of onboarding, screening, communication, mentorship, and whatnot but the process of retaining and engaging employees doesn’t end here. It is a continuous cycle that also includes time-to-time follow-up and feedback from both employers and employees. When someone joins a team, regular follow-up, and review keep them involved and also helps them do their job properly. Therefore, employee onboarding software solutions also comprise HR training software and learning management system that are important for professional growth and to hone new skills. Managers can teach them or conduct learning sessions for training programs based on employees’ level of knowledge.

Feedback shouldn’t be one-way but it is a two-way communication where new employees can also submit their thoughts or opinions. Listening to new hires shows that you value their ideas and encourage transparency within the organization. You can gather responses from them about learning programs and other essential issues.


After going through all these points, we can say that a seamless onboarding software not only helps manage the hiring process smoothly but also assists managers to choose the right new employees for the team. Also, it engages members for longer and increases the retention rate which is the greatest advantage of all. Hence, getting hold of the best employee onboarding software now will take your business a long way.

To find top-notch and scalable HR software, you no more have to look through numerous options. Accomplish is the perfect solution that includes all the features and aspects, from onboarding to employee benefits to payroll and more. So, connect with the team now and keep all your hiring worries at bay.

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