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Emerging technologies are getting important in every industry. If we talk about big level factories to medium-size firms, every one of them is running in the league to gain profitability and maximum growth as compared to their competitors. 

However, amidst this head-to-head race, what about the small business? How are they benefited? We understand, if you are owning a small enterprise there are various questions that are buzzing in your head. Some of you may be thinking about lead generation and others are giving a second thought to connecting an efficient business process with your teams. 

As said above, evolving technologies are contributing enough to streamline business growth and strategies. Similarly, industries, organizations, and firms are too involving coherent tools for their efficient workflow and models. 

Hence, if we talk about small business owners there are several precautionary measures they took before heading towards any software. We completely understand this concern, there are various sorts of queries that you face while using any tool for your business. 

To end this quest, we are sharing a smart HCM solution with you that will boost your success graph so easily and without much effort. Well, regardless of what the size of your business or enterprise is you can use this amazing HCM Software for your business.

We are talking about Accomplish EP! Yes, Accomplish EP is the one-stop solution for all your needs and queries regarding your employee and workplace. However, if you are new to the term HCM, we will share a bit here. 

What is HCM Software?

What is HCM Software-Accomplishep

Human Capital Management (HCM) is an emerging trend in the ecosystem of various organizations and industries. HCM software solution helps in maintaining hiring, talent management, and other HR-related activities on the right path. 

There are various organizations that are introducing Human Capital Management to their workforce to maintain better business flow and strategies. If we dive deeper into the working of HCM then it also focuses on administering an employee cycle that consists of onboarding, payroll, offboarding, training, and development. This is the best method that one can avail of to digitize their workplace. 

Your HCM tool is all set to offer the below-mentioned features for a smart workplace: 

  • Payroll Management

Let’s all agree with the fact that payroll management is the toughest task in the HR department. There are various sheets and other forms that are important to take care of while processing the salary for so many people.

But when you are using our Accomplish EP HCM software, there is a single dashboard for all your concerns and even there will be pending and approved requests before you start the payroll process. 

  • Workforce Management

It is important to ensure that your workplace is compliance free and controlled with ease. Workforce management software offers access to understand the analytics of your workforce. You can also track down the record of your performance and the goals of your employee.

Not only this through Accomplish EP you can also maintain attendance, budgets, forecasts, and other HR-related information.

  • Attendance Scheduling

Earlier, the employees used to mark attendance through punch in and even smart mobile applications. This could be time-consuming as an employee has to wait in a queue to punch in and punch out.

But through Accomplish EP, you can mark login hours and work timings within a single tap. However, when you are working at your workplace, you can also mark on-going projects that you are working on. 

  • Employee Acquisition

Hiring a new employee could be troublesome activity when you are proceeding ahead with various new profiles. Accomplish EP is the best platform to connect the recruitment portal for better synchronization.

You can also filter the list of the best employees that would be best suited for your workplace. 

There are many more features that are involved in Accomplish EP! 

  • Recruiting 
  • Applicant tracking 
  • Onboarding 
  • Employee recordkeeping 
  • Workflows and approvals management 
  • Time tracking and attendance 
  • Payroll 
  • Performance management 
  • Employee self-service 
  • Reporting and analytics

Accomplish EP is the best HCM Solution that has tons of benefits to its customers. As discussed above the small business owners are also trying to set their base in the highly competitive ecosystem. Hence, we will discuss the challenges first and then the layer will learn how to boost your work at the premises. 

Top Challenges Faced By Small Business Owner

  • Uneven Payroll Management 
  • Unable to Retain new and old talents. 
  • Unclear cash flow management
  • Critical hiring process
  • Toxic work culture
  • Tax compliance
  • Unsettling management 

However, the reasons are many and we can’t deny the fact that these challenges are the main reason why small businesses can’t elevate their success graph. Here, we will share how Accomplish EP can help you in boosting your occupation up-to-the-mark level. 

Let Accomplish EP Do Your Work!


Accomplish EP is the best HCM software that will help you in streamlining the complete workflow, employees, and other challenges that small business owners face. Indeed, everyone wants to have a sleek work culture that can also serve organizational needs easily and efficiently. 

Yes, we agree there are various HCM solutions available in the market, but if you compare others with Accomplish EP. Our HCM software will lead! Getting back to the point, we will connect your small business disputes with our smart Accomplish EP. 

Managing the entire workplace in an efficient manner is a hard nut to crack. When you are owning any sort of business whether it’s small or medium-sized, the very first thing we take care of is to have smooth control over the workforce and other related aspects. 

Human Resource professionals, Supervisors, Team Leads, and other authoritative personnel can lead workflow for a particular time as they have a lot to do in the organization. Whether it is about business meetings or conference calls, management gets busy in handling these strategies. 

Accomplish EP is a complete solution to provide ease and meeting your daily needs at the workplace. We are mentioning the top reasons affixing with your small business concerns. 

Concern1- How to get the best employee for my small business organization?

  • Easy Onboarding

It is important to gain top talents for your employee to make a visible mark among the competitors. This is the foremost process that helps in continuing to expand the operations to a great level. We understand that it is a time-consuming process when you find the candidate, start the interviewing process, and begin with hiring procedures. 

But with Accomplish EP everything is under the right guidance. It helps in tracking the employee journey from the starting and then ends up in the hiring process. This is energy-saving and reduces costs to a great extent. Apart from this, Accomplish EP also traces the CV shared through manual uploads or via email and can share the updates of the best candidate for your organization. 

Not only this, Accomplish EP is a smart HCM solution that also allows you to generate appointment letters, salary slips, and other verified documents. Well, Accomplish EP is the right tool in order to retain the employee from the market and enhances the criteria of job openings, resignations, training, and new requirements.

Concern 2- As A Human Resource Professional, I find Payroll Management more exhausting for 50 employees. 

  • Sleek Payroll Management

We understand that counting the working hours of each employee along with tracking the attendance and login-hours is really time-consuming and exhausting. But when you are using Accomplish EP, everything falls into place.

Yes, you read it right! Accomplish EP is the proven boon to HR professionals and Payroll personnel who are working extra hard to maintain salary tracks and records of every individual working with your organization. 

Accomplish EP traces and record the working hours of every employee at your organization. Not only this but you don’t have to sit and maintain attendance records, overtime logs, and other time spreadsheets for every employee. Why? Because Accomplish EP does this for you! 

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We know manually calculating records may lead to discrepancies sometimes but with Accomplish EP there is no chance of any error. You can check the weekly, hourly, and monthly statics of your employee according to the requirements. 

Concern 3- There is no efficiency in the workplace. As HR personnel, I can feel a toxic work culture. 

  • Flexible Work Culture

Employees leave the organization because of many reasons, but one of the primary reasons is toxic workplace culture. Indeed, no one would like to dedicate their precious time and energy to the unhealthy work environment. This is the reason why your employee leaves and you are unable to retain new talent.

The definition of flexible work culture varies from each other but at the organizational level, it means employee welfare. Performance management, appraisal policies, and so on. Well, yes! Accomplish EP is proficient in maintaining a healthy work culture. This amazing HCM software enables HRs to offer employee management in one place. 

If your employee wants to apply for leaves or willing to know more about the policies, they can check everything under the roof of Accomplish EP. This process develops a sense of trust between an employee and employer and as a result, your employee will become more productive at the workplace. 

You can also share the smart analytics capabilities to Accomplish EP to the employee so that they can understand where they are lacking and what are the areas of improvement. Your employee can acknowledge the changes they need to make at the workplace for better productivity and engagement. 

Concern 4- We as an employer unable to build significant relationships with employees. 

  • Training and Development

Let us be clear with you, the first rule to boost your small business is by providing training and development to your employees. Indeed, if you want to increase significant work culture to elevate your business to a good level it is important to share updates, development, and extended training with your employees.

If your employees are able to perform better according to the latest trends in the market, they would meet your expectations. As a result, your business-level will increase. Accomplish EP is the ultimate source to train your employees by sharing important information regarding training and other safety management. 

Whenever you are hiring new employees, make sure you are putting them under the right guidance. Supervisors or team leaders would be able to understand the employee and can offer them work-related knowledge and skills. This is one of the important factors to take care of. Educating employees about market trends and technologies is vital. 

Not only this, but you can share custom updates about the upcoming training programs and sessions for your employees. However, adding reward will also attract your employees at a great level. If we talk about safety measures, it is yet an important point to consider in the workplace.

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It is a state where there is no risk of any mishappening or other incidents. You can share various custom-made policies with your employees and let them understand each of them, through Accomplish EP. When they acknowledge them, send the assessment to know their understanding. 

Apart from this, you can also focus on environmental conditions and let your employees understand the consequences and prevention at a great level. 

Accomplish EP Your Business Pitch With HCM Software 

HCM Software-Accomplishep

In a nutshell, Human capital management (HCM) is based on the basis of human resource management. It explains and quantifies human resource activities in a broader way. Starting from accumulating the talents, retaining them, managing the entire workforce, and extending better business flow. 

Not only this, HCM is associated with numerically robust features such as data integration, employee performance management, and much more to support complete workflow in a better way. The effect of human capital management is to significantly improve decision-making support and reduce the loss of core talents.

We have mentioned the real incidents that could be seen in any workplace, regardless of its number of employees and size. Accomplish EP is the best HCM software to automated HR activities that are time-consuming and sometimes get discrepancy. HCM tool also offers to help hands in getting analytics of each employee without having any error. Yes, payroll management is now easy to Accomplish EP. You can track down the complete information needed for payroll without any faults. 

You can also streamline the administration with this robust HCM solution. When your employees are happy they will attract more top performers. Thus, to elevate business at a high-level start developing your inner strength with Accomplish EP and create wonders!  

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