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Mobile phones have become an important factor in everyone’s life throughout the world. We begin with checking updates on our smartphones and similarly end our day. Isn’t it? In addition to this, smartphones are also transforming our lives in various aspects, but these mobile gadgets are not limited to only communication purposes. 

Many people are also using smartphones to find suitable employment opportunities with a reputed organization. Earlier, there was a time when people used to search for suitable jobs through desktop and other classified websites but mobile phones have climbed and risen efficiently. 

However, according to the research, almost 85% of people are using smartphones, to begin with, their job hunt. On the other hand, if we talk from the recruiter’s eye, it is important to secure the right candidate for your organization. The very first step HRs should take is to list down the right and foremost career sites that are trending in the market, this will help you to broaden up the talent pool. 

In this case, what do you think about the resolution? How HRs can get in touch with the top performer for their organization. Indeed, many recruiters and hiring managers find it difficult to retain and discover fruitful candidates for the company. But don’t you think, many HRs are using outdated tactics to attain the employers for the company. If yes, then they need to change and get the best HR software.

Emerging technologies have shown a great path to the latest trends in the market. Hence, the mobile-first approach is one of them. We understand that many of you are still not aware of this term. And others are trying to understand the importance of smartphones in recruitment. If you are also thinking the same then join us with the ride of this article. You will understand how the mobile-first approach is evolving recruitment strategies in a greater way. 

What is Mobile-First Approach?

Mobile-First Approach-Accomplishep

According to the statistics, 60% of millennials are online searching for their requirements every day on the internet. This figure has doubled from the ratios of the last preceding years. Not only this but it is further stated that 45% of Millennials consume more than 8 hours on their smartphone each day. Hence, through these figures recruiters can get an estimation to start having tools that can help corporate to grow within these con-current trends. 

In general, what does our company’s career page look like, what do you think of it? Does the design is suitable to attract the top performers? Studies have shown that the candidates don’t respond to poorly designed websites This is the foremost reason why an attractive user experience is needed. Candidates would surely surf your company web page and other details available on the internet.

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Every business owner must have a quick and responsive mobile-approach when it comes to retaining the top performer. When the organization owns the best pool of talent, its success graph elevates. Again, to get the new generation talent starts building your intuitive mobile-approach designs.

The Significance of Mobile in the Recruitment Process

Mobile in the Recruitment Process-Accomplishep

As we know, mobile phones are widely adopted across the globe. As we have already said above, these smart gadgets are being used as an important part to start searching. No one is bothered to open their laptop, to begin with finding the best employment opportunities. 

Nowadays, the mobile-first approach is a good source of offering the best experience to the candidates. Hence, many job hunters are inclined towards smartphones only when they search for employment. In this context, businesses are committed to achieving a mobile-friendly end-to-end applicant experience away from those basic mobile responsive job listings.

In addition to this, various recruiting tools are available in the market that give sorted candidate engagement. We all are aware of the fact that mobile phones are used in every stage of the applicant’s recruitment process. As a result, it is crucial for businesses and corporate to look for a whole mobile-first recruiting approach. 

According to sources, candidates are more likely to feel comfortable when they use mobile phones for a job hunt. This smart recruiting approach has been efficient in terms of user experience and website development in nearly every industry. In addition to this, intuitive designs and approaches are the key points for the applicants throughout the recruitment process. 

What Are The Factors For Mobile-FIrst Approach For Recruitment Cycle?

  • Mobile Users Are Everywhere

Do you know your next candidate is also using a mobile device for job hunting? Indeed, not only your next candidate but your succeeding employer has also verified himself as a registered recruiter when it comes to finding the best candidate for the company. 

According to the forecast from Statista, from the last preceding years, the ratio of mobile-internet users has elevated to 53.3 in 2019 and is still growing each passing day. 

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According to Google, “In the USA, 94% of people with smartphones search for local information on their phones. Interestingly, 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work, places where desktop computers are likely to be present.

Hence, these numbers are never stopping and the development of various tools is taking wide advantages of these statistics. This has proved the evolution of mobile users is increasing day by day and recruitment is also buckling up their seatbelts to get the new generation candidates. It has been seen that web developers were creating basic mobile applications as they thought that the desktop is the best method to deliver the content across the world. 

But probably it is not! We are already aware of this term that Google and Bing have introduced mobile-friendliness for ranking the best results on the search engine.  From 2018, Google has shifted to “Mobile-First Indexing”, this process will decide the relevancy of the user’s queries in the mobile version. 

The reason why Google has shifted towards “Mobile-First Indexing” is that the “MAJORITY” of users are accessing Google through their mobile devices. This is a great way for recruiters to customize their career page and enable better engagement through their website. 

You never know, who may land on your career page! 

  • One More Move To Your Candidate

Who would be waiting for the next applicant when you know the strategies to approach them? Well, yes! The Mobile-first approach has become revolutionary to fill the gap between recruiters and candidates. Many people are looking to find a suitable job within their reach and comfort area and their smartphones are helping them to get ease. The graph of new generation talent is increasing day by day.

According to the research conducted in the US, 84% of candidates are more likely to apply for jobs through their mobile devices if the process is simplified and gets sorted. The Mobile-first approach is also beneficial for engaging candidates on the go. For example, you as a recruiter, have released any upcoming events, recruitment drives, open job positions, engaging workforce videos, and other news on your website. It will immediately inform your targeted users who have pushed app notifications for further notifications.

This is the best way to get in touch with your targeted candidates. In addition to this, you can also interact with them through live chat options anywhere and anytime with mobile recruiting tools. 

  • Every Recruitment Stage Is Vital

If you are implementing a mobile-first approach for your recruitment procedure make sure to consider every stage as vital and ensure to deliver mobile-experience at its best. For example, when you are posting jobs on your career site, make sure to mention email or other contact details as part of your communication and process.

Apart from this, it is also important to make sure that the information you have shared regarding the job role is correct and other important documents that are needed to be downloaded are getting in the correct order. You must also take care of an optimized range of web pages in both browse and mobile. 

What do you think the online application form is easy to comprehend without inserting any image? Or if you are trying to insert images on other content on your career page, make sure they are not taking time to download. Therefore it is important to test every process of recruitment before your targeted applicant goes through it. It is vital to think like a candidate and ensure that the recruitment cycle should work. 

You can also look at the responsive email links on your mobile device whether they are landing on the right page on it. Apart, don’t forget to ensure that these links and other webpages are optimized for smaller screens or not. This is how you can understand that every recruitment process is vital from your applicant’s perspective. 

  • Application form

To be honest, no one would like to enter the complete information unless it is not important. If we ask you a question, whether you would appreciate that form which is asking for various pieces of information? No! Similarly your candidate will feel exhausted by marking each block.

Apart from this, it is important to consider the length of the application process and acknowledge how well the process is going in terms of questions. You must understand that the candidate’s experience is vital and you are asking the right questions to them. If you want to increase the length of your form, make sure to engage the applicant at every step. We understand that it may be challenging to entertain your candidate on a mobile-first approach. 

In this situation, you can break-down the application forms into different sections than losing a resource from your career website for filling long hours of charts at once. But the mobile-first approach has simplified this process by offering pivotal sets of questions or any other criteria to make your candidate on the exact track. In addition to this, you can also leave an impression on your applicant by allowing them to save their progress during the form filling process and come back to it later through guest login. 

This method will help them to understand that they are applying at the right place to elevate their success graphs. 

That was all about the concern for your employee but what about you? Have you thought about how you would track your candidate once they applied to your career webpage? We understand there are various sets of questions floating around because everyone needs a resourceful candidate to boost the business graph. 

The next section is dedicated to the Human Resource Department as they too need a preview of where their employees are and if they joined how well they are doing. Right? Keeping this in mind we are sharing the smart Applicant Tracking System with you! 

Indeed, we are talking about Accomplish! 

Accomplish is a talent management software that makes sure your recruitment cycle is running in a smooth manner. Accomplish is the best way to save your recruitment process time and make the process simplified by posting jobs and tracking applications within a single software.  This smart software boasts robust features and a full range of functionalities that can help to track down the complete recruitment cycle. 

This Applicant Tracking System offers a feature to shortlist candidates, unsolicited applications, scorecards, and so on…

Benefits Of Using Accomplish

  • Search and Decipher the Resumes

You can search down the applicant’s resume and get the exact details for further procedures. In addition to this, you can also add, edit, and delete the candidate’s data without much effort.

  • Manage & Track Interviews

Scheduling interviews are now easy with Accomplish. You can also involve other hiring members and other relevant members of the hiring team to make sure you are using best-recruiting techniques.

  • Assess Results with Scorecards

To understand how well your candidate’s recruitment process is going you can assess the results and scorecards from the hiring managers. Not only this, but saving post-interview feedback can never be easy! Accomplish is there to save all the scorecards automatically which will help in easy evaluation for the applicant’s candidature. 

  • Welcome Onboard!

Once you understand the candidate and the profile, you are all set to welcome your new hiring through Accomplish! Your hiring and onboarding process is streamlined in a very efficient manner.

Final Words

The Human Resource Department is the most vital part of an organization. Hence, keeping this in mind, we have introduced the smart Accomplish for your HR department. Every critical process must be simplified into an easier way for better understanding and comprehension. 

Accomplish is the best solution to track and understand the complete recruitment journey of your organization. There is a smooth integration feature that you can implement with your HR tools to manage fully customized recruitment workflows. In addition to this, managing automatic job posts on various career sites and social media platforms is easier with Accomplish. 

Yes, an intuitive dashboard is there to offer complete reporting and analytics for a better understanding of a complete recruitment process. There is much more you can do with Accomplish! 


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