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In 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak has led every business and industry to modify their operational patterns in a contemporary way. Almost every workflow has accepted the change according to the situation, whether we talk about conference calls or onboarding, every official undertaking has changed its way rapidly. Technology and the pandemic have contributed towards the new trends in 2020 and will continue in 2021 too. Just a jest! However, as we know many of us were affixed by our jobs rather than finding a new opportunity in 2020 and still proceeding with the same procedure. Nevertheless, many organizations have already refurbished their employee onboarding tools in 2020 and now some other businesses are also walking on the same path. 

But wait! Do you really think virtual onboarding could be the next trend in 2021?  Well, we would definitely decode this later, but first will begin with the methods to tweak your virtual onboarding process. 

Well, as we are talking about the virtual onboarding procedure there is a secret sauce that will enhance the employee onboarding process to the next level. You must be thinking how? Adequately, we are talking about the Applicant Tracking System. 

Before proceeding ahead, let’s understand this term first. 

What Is The Applicant Tracking System?

Let us ask you a question, do you like to have a pile of paperwork on your desk? Or would you appreciate it if we share a bunch of files and folders to accumulate employee data? Indeed, no, and why would you like this situation, when you can take benefits from the Applicant Tracking System. Those prime benefits are scheduling interviews, aligning the complete employee onboarding process, arranging the talent pool, shortlisting candidates, and sharing recruitment on various platforms. 

Heading to the point, the Applicant Tracking System is an efficient and automated tool that takes complete responsibility for the hiring process through the absolute recruitment journey of the candidate. Applicant Tracking System is a complete package where HR personnel can share job opportunities, manage candidate’s applications, and so on. In addition to this, ATS also helps in screening candidates and filters them on the basis of skills and experience. 

You can refer filtered candidates to the next step through the Applicant Tracking System only. If you dive deeply into this platform, then there are also some other added features that are appreciated by the HR department. 

Apart from this, ATS also gathers valuable pieces of information from social media, job portals, career websites, recruitment boards, and even unsolicited applications. Other vital hallmarks of using the Applicant Tracking System tool is its compliance administration. 

However, ATS is sometimes also referred to as talent acquisition and management systems. As said above, this tool collects data from various spots, and hence, it maintains these records so that the Human Resource department can easily understand and begin with the next level. 

Benefits Of Using The Applicant Tracking System

We understand your concern that without understanding the advantage it is not easy to use such massive and robust software for your business. To end this quest, we are sharing the best-proven benefits of the Applicant Tracking System. 

  • Well-settled Organization 

Let us be clear here, a well-settled organization denotes an established brand that stands out of the crowd among their competitors. Every candidate wants to increase its success graph with a triumph company that boasts a high-grade recognition in the market. 

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Hence, with ATS you can achieve top performers and recognition in the market. When you start moving ahead with ATS Software, you are attracting a skilled workforce and driving more engagement with the people. In a nutshell, you are reinforcing your company presence more in the market and giving close rivalries to your competitors. 

  • Fewer Efforts

Posting job opportunities, finding candidates then calling, scheduling interviews, conducting offline inductions and the list goes on. Don’t you think this is so time and energy-consuming? Well, yes even we are thinking the same! 

Here at this point, the ATS tool can take your all worry for the candidate’s recruitment journey. You don’t need to spend hours for employees calling and scheduling interviews each time. Instead, within one click, you can track down the employee hiring process and acknowledge them for the next procedure.

You don’t need to maintain spreadsheets or any other pieces of information, because the Applicant Tracking System is doing everything for you. Sending follow-up emails or sharing any important documents, everything is possible under the shadow of the ATS. 

Well, there are various features that you would appreciate in the Applicant Tracking System. However, you must have understood that we are going to conjoin ATS with the virtual onboarding for 2021. 

Refurbishing Virtual Onboarding in 2021

It is important to amend changes everywhere. When it comes to professional life, change helps in understanding the technologies more in a better way. You can also attain a better perspective of the latest market trends that will turn the table in 2021.

Hence, keeping this in mind, it is important to transpose the Virtual Onboarding from 2020 to 2021. Here, we are sharing the best highlights to proceed with this change. 

  • Healthier Connections

It has been seen, when an employee joins the organization on the first day the HR department is pleased to introduce you to the complete workforce. But when the day ends, everything gets back to normal. We are talking about this example when there was no virtual employee onboarding. 

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Hence, to improve the VR practice it is important to understand the importance of a healthier connection with your new employee. You can take advantage of leveraging virtual meeting software for seamless conversation. Through this meeting tool, you can allow your new candidate to engage with authoritative panels and leading managers. 

However, you must understand that your employee is looking for a flexible working culture where they can share their ideas, concerns, queries more openly and easily. For this procedure, you need to develop a sense of trust in your new candidate. You can proceed with their assigned supervisors for welcoming them onboard through the virtual meet. 

Make sure to share encouraging videos with your employee so that they can acknowledge they begin welcome by everyone at the premises. We personally feel clear face to face conversation is the key to success and helps in building potential interaction between two parties. Through this, your employee can have a fair virtual idea about the ease of working with your company. 

  • Boost Positive Work Culture

The year 2020 has shown a lot to us in every sphere. Many people may get into conflicts at the workplace or they are trying to get off toxic work culture. As we are into the virtual onboarding process, it is not easy to maintain an engaging work culture remotely. Hence, the first process to boost the constructive environment is to identify the disproportionate within the office. 

It has been said if your work culture is free of politics and issues, your employee will work more efficiently and with higher productivity. You can introduce virtual social opportunities and we understand due to this pandemic it is not possible for employees to grab a coffee and share thoughts on official chores. Instead, you can begin with engaging training and programs and encourage your employees to participate in the. 

There are various mindfulness activities that could help you get happy hours. Let your new candidate tell about his goals and the idea that could benefit the organization. Through this, they would understand their importance and will also increase their engagement and productivity through their journey. 

  • Create A Roadmap For Growth

It is important to build an internal network with the operational team while you are working remotely. Hence, you can adjust your new hiring to understand the jobs and responsibilities of the assigned supervisors and team leaders. 

Earlier the employee onboarding process was limited to induction only, but in 2021 you can tweak it by extending deeper knowledge about the job role. Their supervisor will help them to understand the learning path during onboarding time. Thus as a result it will allow new employees to understand and learn more about the work culture. 

Not only this but if you have any available educational resources, then it would be an added benefit as these resources will be beneficial to build a strong foundation in your new candidate. But we firmly believe that a dedicated mentor at the office will help new talent to a comprehensive deeper understanding regarding the working environment. 

  • Clear Onboarding 

Even when you are working remotely, it can impact a lot of situations such as whether you have your family or children or anything. Instead, it is important to create a clear onboarding process to implement practice regarding the remote working models and other important prospects when you are working remotely. 

It is really important to maintain a suitable employee onboarding process for your employees. Don’t forget to keep them engaged, connected, and motivated throughout the virtual onboarding method. It has been seen that on the first day an employee feels welcomed and embraced but as soon as the day passes, your new hiring will eventually end up thinking that there is no one to listen to them. Hence, it is another vital point to check them regularly. 

One day or another, you set-up one-on-one meetings with them at least for a few months till their tenure. If we talk about clear onboarding through an empathic manner, our very first day at the office was pleasurable but it could have been more pleasant if we followed up on each ground. Right? Indeed, it is important to check your new talent for better retention. 

  • Always Think Like A New Hire

Previously, we have already talked about incorporating emotional intelligence at the workplace. However, we have stated various reasons why and how regarding EQ. Hence, here again, it is crucial for you to think like you are a new talent and according to you how should be the employee onboarding process. We personally feel that this is the foremost method to improve your virtual onboarding practice. 

According to the HR department, there is a long checklist regarding new talent and its induction sessions when you are working remotely. Well, to make this process more engaging and productive you can create an optimal virtual onboarding process for employees and start to think like a new employee and look forward to their future needs and expectations. 

  • Digitalization Is The Key!

Truth to be told, emerging technologies are proven a great privilege to various organizations in several sectors. Hence, you can too tweak your virtual onboarding process through a dose of digital transformation. There are numerous benefits: first, your employees will understand that you are a fast-moving company in the market that is into cutting-edge technologies and processes.

Another vital factor is that during remote onboarding there are several parameters that couldn’t be solved virtually such as signing in to the new domain, understanding various key policies, even marking attendance can also create a discrepancy through virtual onboarding. 

 Instead, you can change the game for new hirings by providing them with the welcome package in the virtual onboarding process. You can share various modules and can also transform written documents into engaging webinars for them. Through this, your employees can be assured that they have come to the right place in order to elevate their success graphs and broader learning. 

Final Words

The pandemic has emphasized the virtual onboarding process to a great extent. However, every sector is now adopting remote onboarding processes through ease. As we have stepped into 2021, there are various areas of improvement that we can upgrade for better onboarding practice. Here, we have shared the best ways through which you can alter your remote onboarding in a more engaging manner. 

We have also shared the Applicant Tracking System tool for better tracking and retention for your employees. ATS is again the new trend that will float in 2021! 

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