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Nowadays, centralization has acquired various traditional HR software that was used to maintain attendance and very basic HR formalities. However, when we think about HR software solutions there are various human resource tools that clicked on our minds.

Primarily, the Applicant tracking software and Human Resource Information System are the first tools that clicked in our minds while we thought about the HR apparatus. For many people, these two tools are similar but no they are not!   

However, when it comes to defining HR software many people have their own perceptions, and even the HR department, vendors, marketers can toss ATS and HRIS together. It is hard to distinguish between these two terms as they work in the same format and for the same department. 

Well, there are various questions that are buzzing around you when it comes to HR software. Keeping this in mind, we are going to share the key differences between HRIS and ATS in this article. Before proceeding ahead, understand a bit more about these terms. 

What Is Applicant Tracking System Software?

What Is Applicant Tracking System Software-Accomplishep

The single job post attracts many candidates and sometimes the number can even be reached to hundreds. But don’t you think, it is time-consuming when you start sorting those resumes on the basis of qualifications, work experience, and competencies? What would you do in this situation? How would you react? Any guesses? Let us tell you, this is where the Applicant Tracking System Solution comes into the picture.

ATS or Applicant Tracking System is a smart automated system that helps companies to manage the complete recruitment process and make the hiring cycle simpler and more efficient. ATS uses a smart mechanism to collect pivotal information from candidates and then manages their profile according to the skills and competencies. It also aids in filtering the best resume from the pool. 

In a nutshell, Applicant Tracking Software streamlines the hiring journey of the candidates by examining the resumes, identifying ideal candidates, and later scheduling the interviews for the next process. ATS software is the centralized database of resumes and it also sorts them on the basis of the current job opening. 

Let’s take an example of an applicant tracking system solution: whenever a candidate is applying for the open position in your organization, the resume will automatically be refined by the Applicant Tracking System Software, rather than landing in the hiring manager’s inbox. All the resumes will be optimized according to the ATS algorithm. 

ATS could be implemented at both large and small businesses level, according to the needs of the organization. Hence, various organizations are offering reliable automated software to save HR’s time and energy they put down in the recruitment process. 

Benefits Of Using ATS at Your Organization: 

  • Lesser Time and Energy

We all are already aware of how prolonged the hiring process is, posting job recruitment on various career sites, analyzing every resume, shortlisting them, scheduling interviews, onboarding, payroll, and so on. Imagine you are proceeding with these methods manually! Isn’t it time-consuming? Indeed, but with ATS, everything is streamlined. You can attain a simple hiring journey through this amazing ATS software.

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  • Enhanced Hiring Quality 

We understand that manual processes can make mistakes and errors and even we humans tend to make wrong decisions Applicant tracking software upgrades the hiring process by filtering the list of candidates based on job requirements. You can also access the candidates before getting them on board.

Some other amazing highlights of ATS are: 

  • Well-Established Employer Brand
  • Faster Screening
  • Automatic Job Posting On Various Career Sites

What Is Human Resource Information System Software?

What Is Human Resource Information System Software-Accomplishep

Human Resource Information System or HRIS is the one-stop solution for HR operations at the organization. This is a smooth, sleek, and effective data planning management system that owns a wide range of various operational features. The primary roles of HRIS are performance cycle, work scheduling, applicant tracking, employee self-service, payroll management, customizable insight reports, succession planning, employee portal,  onboarding and offboarding training along with employee database and directory. 

HRIS software is used as data storage of your employees and aids in managing and processing the workforce. Human Resource Information System is SaaS-based or standalone software that helps the HR department to organize and manage the company’s procedures, policies, and employees. 

We too understand every organization is vast and broad when it comes to managing it. However, HRIS tools help in acquiring, analyzing, retrieving, and storing the relevant HR data and other employee-related information within a single tap. 

In a nutshell, HRIS tools maintain your complete workforce and other related information that is required, but sometimes, it may differ according to the needs of the organization. The geographical spread, basic protocols, employee strength, and other factors vary from one organization to another. 

Benefits Of Using HRIS At Your Organization

  • Secure Database Management 

Storing your employee’s critical information in the files and folders are risky. Of course, maintaining a record of all your employees manually can also be a tough task when it comes to 1000-2000 people. This is where HR document management software comes into the picture and simplifies the process by accumulating all the information at once place. HR professionals can use this smart tool and can get all the information instantly in one place.

  • Better Employee Relations 

Let’s agree with the fact that we need a better and efficient workplace and it will be possible when the senior management can build their relationship with employees. To enhance better employee relations it is important to give them a significant culture where they can grow and learn.

HRIS can help with various workplace advantages by sharing company news, recent updates, training & development, and so on. Always remember if your employees are happy and valued they will be more productive and will be associated for a longer period of time. 

Some other amazing highlights of HRIS are: 

This is what HRIS is and this is how it helps your company. However, in this section, we will learn about the difference between HRIS and applicant tracking software

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Regardless of the definition of the Human Resource Information System and Applicant Tracking System, they have their primary goals that are dedicated to the organization. We are sharing them below: 

  • They both recognize the business needs and workflow
  • HRIS and ATS helps in offering employee information
  • You can attain easy employee management with HRIS and ATS
  • Your employee information one click away in both HRIS and ATS. 

What’s The Difference?

The main and primary difference between HRIS software and the ATS tool is the timings. Yes! The application tracking system will help you in the recruitment journey of your candidate and other pre-hiring processes. While HRIS software will help you in keeping track of your employee’s activities once they get hired. 

If we talk about the features of both these HRM tools then they have built-in the same functionalities that support the recruiting process that includes, interviews, job offer management, employee management, and other core database factors. On the other hand, HRIS software focuses on the core database of the employees’ data, payroll services, benefits, and other administrative tools. 

However, ATS and HRIS both follow different HR functions. But they combine multiple HRs operations, systems, and streams to ensure the workplace is running in a smooth manner to make sure everything is under control and workforce management software serves helpful here. Often, HRIS will help HR professionals to maintain tabs about employee information, payroll management, and even ATS. 

In a nutshell, Applicant Tracking System ensures the complete recruitment journey of new applicants and other pre-hiring procedures but HRIS maintains another pivotal role at the organization. 

Final Words

We understand it is quite difficult to compress the two terms that work in an almost similar way in the exact department. Similarly, many people get confused between HRIS and ATS, but here in this article, we have shared a difference between them. 

We hope you have liked this article and it added value to your knowledge.  


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