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Emotional Intelligence or EQ is considered to be one of the most important skills to successfully lead a life. No matter whether you are at the workplace or in front of your home theater, EQ is a crucial part of your life.  If you are still not clear what is Emotional Intelligence? Wait, we will help you out through this article. Before proceeding ahead let’s understand what it means and how HCM software helps in incorporating it in workplace.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence or emotional quotient or EQ is a method to acknowledge, manage, and use your emotions in the right way. When you start to understand your emotions it will help you in many ways. Such as you are able to communicate effectively, defuse conflicts, relieve stress, overcome life challenges, and empathize with others. 

Not only this, but Emotional Quotient also pursues to build a stronger relationship, this will also strengthen inter-personal skills to achieve your desired goals at both personal and professional level. EQ is a secret sauce to connect your feelings into action and then these actions can recast into the intention. Thus, this is how you would be able to make versed decisions about the important and unsettle part of your living. 

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Emotional Intelligence can be a little tough to teach in schools and universities. It is because gaining and maintaining an emotional quotient is a strenuous task to demonstrate in the classroom. Rather, the education sector is more inclined towards emotional intelligence mannerism. 

What is Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace?

According to leadership consultants, most of the success of an individual is dependent on the capabilities of skills that they compromise. When you start recognizing your EQ, it will help you to explore many areas of your professional life. 

As we know there are various factors that are present at your workplaces such as morale problems, lack of cooperation, and even office politics. These factors may run your work life at one point or another, but when you have Emotionally Quotient within, you can understand where and how to respond. Right?

Apart from this, a person with an EQ level will emphasize the task in more developing and nurturing and these people face less advantage as compared to others. EQ is constant with an enigmatic proposition because there is no fixed graph that could assign particular metrics to an individual. 

What Are The Examples of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace?

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace-Accomplishep

Let’s talk about real cases of Emotional Quotient in the workplace for your better understanding. We would like to mention that EQ has four attributes: Self-management, Social Awareness, Relationship management, and Self-awareness.

Getting back to the point, there are various real life events that took place in the corporate world and define emotional intelligence accurately. You can also check and acknowledge them easily. We are mentioning most commonly seen examples below: 

  • When you express yourself easily and openly without thinking that you are offending your colleagues. 
  • You are ready to accept challenges and pressure when new initiatives are introduced within a team. 
  • You maintain a flexible working environment while working.
  • You welcome creative ideas and emphasis others to adopt various crucial skills and abilities at the workplace
  • Active listening is a constant part of your team. 
  • You spend fun-filled time outside with your team members. 

There are numerous incidents you could watch not only in your professional life but in personal too. 

Facts- Emotional Intelligence at Workplace

In the world of the technological era, everyone is running behind to add various life-saving skills to their persona. However, according to statistics many people are inclined towards emotional intelligence to evolve themselves in a workplace. Hence, as you come so far, let’s dive in deeper for EQ facts at work culture! 

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  • According to the leadership consultants the top performers metric is 90% have more EQ than others. 
  • As per the statistics, 58% of employees are giving impeccable performance because of Emotional Intelligence. 
  • Another great fact of highly EQ at the workplace is their salary slab they earn $29,000 more as compared to an average earner. They can also increase their pay slab by $1,300 to an annual salary.
  • According to the reports, it has been seen that 75% of people are getting some sort of emotional intelligence training to enhance their performance. 

As we know EQ helps in breaking through various stigmas on a professional level. But if you are still thinking about why you need to diversify your skills and competencies for emotional intelligence. Let’s look towards the next section. 

Why Do We Need an EQ At Workplace?

We understand that this is an important question because every other person may have this query in their mind. Sometimes, your employee will not take this query to you and in result they will not be able to understand EQ. Hence, they wouldn’t be able to perform at their respective task, 

Keeping this in mind, we are sharing the important reasons that will justify the questions of your employees. 

  • Emotional intelligence promotes giving and receiving feedback at the workplace. This process is vital because it helps employees to work on different areas. If they are not doing well at the premises, then with an EQ they will take feedback in a positive and generous way. On the other hand, if an employee is getting fair comments on their duties, they will be more productive and engaging.
  • Well, this is an obvious point that at the workplace, the one person would definitely have an eccentric personality. Though with emotional intelligence you can deal with challenging work and maintain an upright relationship with them. Several times, your opinions and conflicting ideas wouldn’t match between you and your team or other concerned people. But at a high EQ level you would analyse their behavior and then work towards to have better collaborative work relationships.
  •  Changes are an important aspect of our life. Change is not definite to one place, you have it in personal and professional life. However, when you are working there are various  sorts of workflow or process that you may not like. But if you are a person with a high EQ level, you will welcome this transformation. You will try to adapt and grow within the new process.

Transforming Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

This was all about Emotional Intelligence skills in a person or need of EQ at the workplace. But have you ever thought who would be the face behind emotional intelligence in the corporate world? Yes, apart from managers, supervisors , the Human Resource department is the crucial part in developing EQ at a workplace and in a person as well. 

In the next section we shall discuss the ways in which you could too incorporate emotional intelligence at your workplace! 

Hint- We will be taking help from the Human Capital Management Software to develop EQ at the workplace. 

As we know, the human resource is one of the most important departments in every organization. They help in various factors such as reinforcing, training, development, performance management, payroll, recruitment, onboarding and other vital business culture. As we know it is not always easy to change the hectic office environment into a flexible atmosphere for your employees. 

But, we say that you can do every HR activity with the help of tools and HR software solutions? Yes, you read it right, the efficient software that has diversified emotional intelligence assessments and other guides that could help in manifesting EQ at your place? Apart, you can also perform HR activities under the banner of HCM software

Well, with the help of these HCM tools you can understand EQ at the corporate work along with various factors that are inclined towards emotional intelligence.

In 2020, the COVID has affected the world to a greater extent. Many people were affected mentally and financially. In this situation, it is not always easy to stay motivated and resilient. Many industries and organizations have laid off candidates due to this pandemic, But on the other hand, many business owners have helped various job seekers and other deprived candidates. 

Apart, various organizations were trying hard to make sure their employees were healthy and stable by organizing virtual activities. Not only this, if HRs are still involving recruitment through digital ways.  Emerging technologies have proven boon to various organizations through the medium of human resource.

Keeping this in mind, we will share the best practices to incorporate emotional intelligence at your workplace through technologies or we can say efficient HCM tools. Let’s get started! 

  • Recruitment, Onboarding and Emotional Intelligence

We are aware of the traditional way of recruiting before 2020, calling candidates, setting appointments with hiring managers and then so on. There were various files, documents and forms in the process of onboarding. Right?

Nowadays, various organizations and industries have inclined towards Human Capital Management tools. This efficient software will process induction programs, on-boarding and much more within a single tap.

But we talk about EQ, then there is much more. Before taking interviews HRs can share emotional intelligence assessments to the candidate. Through this way, HR can understand where they are lacking and what would be the point for improvements. Additionally, they would also identify whether the employee is suitable for the job role or not. This will surely improve a lot of time on both ends. 

  • Training And Development with Emotional Intelligence 

Once you hire a candidate through virtual onboarding, you have their EQ assessment within yourself, Here, you could start in organizing virtual meetings with active learning sessions. You can give a lead to the person who has more IQ than others. It is because they can communicate effectively and foster more inspiration within a team.

You can also share an e-form to the respective leaders to assess every candidate presented in the meeting with their skills including EQ. Through this you will learn which employee is lacking behind in terms of emotionally quotient. 

  • Self Awareness with Organization Leaders To Develop EQ

EQ can’t be learned overnight through bookish theories. It can only be learned through aspirations and through self. HR departments can connect organization leaders with the filtered employee who lacks EQ.

The leaders will inspire them and make them understand what were the struggles they faced and how they have overcome them. Just as virtual onboarding, e-meet can also be set up. Your employees would also learn the importance of understanding one’s emotions through the inspiring stories. 

Hence, it is important for every individual to understand EQ more easily. HRs can share the documents and files through HCM software solutions and share the guidelines to practice mindfulness and other related activities. 

  • Mentoring Success To Enhance Emotional Intelligence

There are various mentoring programs that you could conjoin with interpersonal sessions and social skills to improve emotional intelligence at your workplace. Try setting up the e-meet with highly skilled employees who possess EQ abilities.

They can share how to navigate official chores and people’s emotions in a positive way. However, before proceeding with this meeting you can share assessment copies to the employee to understand how to process. HCM solution is the best process to streamline the complete flow at one place.

As we know, emotional intelligence helps people to accept constructive criticism and receptive feedback in a positive way. Since you would be having a higher EQ employee at the meeting, it will impact other junior employees in a good way. They will also help other people to understand negative emotions and how to deal with them at the workplace.

  • Embracing Technologies To Promote Emotional Intelligence 

Nowadays, everything is incomplete without technology. As we know, in 2020 due to COVID outbreak educational universities and other sectors have also begun their working system through online classes, virtual exams, and “know your customer” policies.

Similarly, technologies have always contributed to the workplace for better business strategies and flow. But with the same technologies, you can promote emotional intelligence in your work culture.

You can have HCM Software solution at your workplace with cutting-edge technology to collect data about emotional state at your organization. You can ask the employee about the words they find positive and negative during a conversation. Every week you can share tasks on their email address regarding emotional intelligence. 

Once you are aware of the situation try to implement the same in our work culture. Don’t forget to initiate other fun activities to boost productivity at your workplace.

Final Words

Emotional Intelligence is vital at every place. You need to understand and acknowledge your emotions while you are at office premises. As said above, higher EQ people tend to be more productive and high-yielding in the corporate world. 

Through the emerging technologies and various other ways including HCM solutions – You can make sure each and every employee has the same motivation,productivity and consciousness as compared to people with higher EQ. 

HCM Software solutions is the best way to connect your entire workforce at one place. Thus, your HR department can save a lot of time and effort by organizing your manpower in one place. Along with developing and incorporating Emotional Intelligence. 

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