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In this modern corporate world, the HR function goes beyond hiring and firing employees. The professionals have to deal with a plethora of tasks while ensuring synchronization between various teams and departments. As communication modes are evolving drastically within an organization and we are stepping into an era of social networking and participation. 

It’s time to let go of a traditional hierarchical structure that makes hardly any sense today. Companies need to adopt a smart solution that adds value to their decision-making process and business goals. If your company’s HR team is overwhelmed with numerous activities but lack sufficient resources to accomplish their tasks, then your entire business can suffer. 

Hence, you need to equip your HR managers and employees as well with a specialized system that can analyze the data accurately and enhance their productivity. What are we talking about? Well, we would like to turn your attention to the Human Resources Information System or HRIS. 

It is an automated software that tackles all the HR activities, such as payroll, tracking, hiring, leaves, etc., at one destination and provides reliable data. Considering the benefits and features that it offers, the use of online HR systems is sure to witness rapid growth as employers are willing to invest in such a credible and sophisticated solution. 

Are you not quite familiar with HRIS or HR software solutions? Then let’s first get acquainted with what HRIS is and then understand how it can manage HR function. Have a look:

What Is HRIS?

What Is HRIS-Accomplishep

As we said earlier, HR function is not restricted to record-keeping anymore. It involves several key managerial functions that involve data processing, organizing, and preparing meaningful reports for the top management and employees. 

HRIS software is a comprehensive technological solution that is used for information storage, processing, and managing. Organizations can acquire, analyze, store, retrieve, and distribute relevant data related to HR and personal activities using this smart HR tool. It is a standalone or SaaS-based software that is designed specially to help HR professionals manage a company’s policies, procedures, and people. 

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For every business, information regarding employees is a valuable asset. An efficient Human Resource Software can use this data to improve departmental productivity, innovation, operations, and deliver optimum satisfaction to the workforce by ensuring organized office culture and environment. 

From data tracking and entry to data analysis and distribution, it has got it all covered under one roof. It addresses all the HR function issues regarding online payroll services, onboarding, performance management, applicant tracking, and more conveniently. You can call it a one-stop destination to seek all the information for future actions, reports, track changes, etc. Accomplish assured you of one such trusted HRIS software that provides integrated workforce management solutions while reducing cost and time spent on administrative tasks. 

The primary aim of every business owner to incorporate HRIS is to control and manage HR costs. Companies intend to make an informed decision and boost managerial effectiveness using this HR tool. Hence, it must consist of some key features. While you select a pocket-friendly HRIS portal that meets the need of your organization, make sure that you look for the following features:

  • Centralized Database
  • Attendance Management
  • Time-off Management
  • Recruitment Automation
  • Talent Management
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Payroll
  • Self-Service Employee Portal
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Mobile HRIS

How Does HRIS Streamline HR Functions?

How Does HRIS Streamline HR Functions-Accomplishep

The HR department is not merely about hiring young talent or payroll processing, the professionals are responsible for various other tasks. Most importantly, they are the link between upper management and employees. Managing ample activities efficiently can be a hard nut to crack at times, hence effective HRIS solutions. You can avail of customized software that comprises features based on your unique business needs and growth plans. Before you think more about the right HR software for your company, let’s have an insight into how it can streamline your HR function using the features listed above:

Hiring and Onboarding

Hiring and Onboarding-Accomplishep

Acquiring and retaining talent is the key to grow a business and expand its operations. HR professionals spend days and weeks to get their hands on the right candidate, arrange an interview, and finally hire them. An integrated HRIS manages everything from job openings to resignations to training and new requirements. 

It tracks CVs sent through emails and manual uploads, synchronizes them with the job portals, and updates the right candidate’s data from different sources. It tracks a candidate’s journey right from the beginning of the shortlisting process until the interview, job offer, and post-hire. 

There is a comprehensive dashboard that also handles referral programs, generates appointment letters, verifies documents of new hires, allocates assets, and also manages orientation. 

Database Management

Database Management-Accomplishep

The core and foremost feature of the Human Resource system is an employee database that stores all the significant and critical information, such as name, address, date of birth, contact details, along with professional data that includes education, experience, and skills. 

Of course, keeping a record of all this information manually can be a challenging task but HRIS makes it simpler by bringing all the details on one dashboard. The HR team can access the portal to input all the personnel information into the system and retrieve the details instantly. 

The key function is that an HR manager can extract the data on demand anytime, anywhere via the software. The data stored in the system also range from compensation information and performance review to appraisal and learning metrics. 

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Training and Development

Getting the right talent onboard is only half the battle. There is a long way to go where recruits need to be trained to hone their skills. Learning and development is a crucial element of employee management as they must be provided with reward plans, career pathing to boost their morale, enable growth, and create job satisfaction. 

That is where HRIS tools step in with effective training and development programs to enhance the candidate experience while enabling employers to track, source, and hire the right talent. HRIS includes training plan and material, list of eligible candidates, training calendar, and feedback forms. 

The LMS or Learning Management System allows HR to keep an eye on certification, qualification, and skills of recruits along with available online courses for existing employees. 

Reward and Payroll Functions

Reward and Payroll Functions-Accomplishep

Every employee is working for job satisfaction and the right motivation. Payroll and rewards are certainly one of the most important parts to encourage the workforce and retain talent. Therefore, we have included a payroll system in the HRIS software that offers end-to-end management assistance to HR professionals. 

It tracks and uploads the total working hours of each employee, attendance data, overtime, etc., which makes the timely deposits seamless. With minimum human intervention, the chances of errors are reduced as well. Whether you are paying on an hourly/monthly/weekly basis, it provides a flexible solution as per your requirements. 

There is a detailed report that includes bank details, role, appraisal, time off that makes compensation hassle-free. Furthermore, statutory and optional deductions, such as EPF, VPF, ESI, tax are automated and compliance files, Form 16, ESI input files, etc., can be generated. 

Employee Interface

Organizations are now focusing on having employees manage their data through the online HRIS portal. Rather than the HR function dealing with leaves and monthly appraisals, employees can directly access their HRIS account and update the information. 

Most HR software allows limited user access but with Accomplish, numerous people can log in to their online portals and edit the details, anytime. Whether a subordinate or supervisor, it allows employee self-service which is a step forward to create operational freedom in an organization. 

The HRIS has an employee interface that delivers an easy, time-saving, and integrated experience while updating personal information, reviewing pay scales, changing benefits plans, and downloading necessary documents. Leave requests, data edit, time-offs, tracking, etc., can be done immediately and saved on the system. 

Efficiency At Workplace

Efficiency At Workplace-Accomplishep

Compared to manual or spreadsheet-based record-keeping, there’s a big advantage here. An HRIS can support fast, accurate, and automated processing across various functions. Such as employee welfare, performance management, leave, absence management, payroll, compensation, workforce management, HR function, and People analytics. 

When you start using HRIS at your workplace. It will give a sense of compliance and peace of mind, with comprehensive and verified processes that keep accurate and controlled records. However, not only this, but you will also get a better insight into analytics. 

Sophisticated analytics capabilities enable leading organizations to derive strategic insight from their people data, continually measuring and improving productivity and engagement by understanding and anticipating employee behaviors and trends.

However, efficiency also improves the productivity of on-board people faster so they start delivering value more quickly. Reduce time wasted on HR function using automated procedures and self-service, so employees are released to focus on their areas of expertise.

What are the benefits of the HRIS System?

Human Resource Information System is conjoined with the organization’s current or future job and other employee welfare solutions. However, it streamlines the complete workflow that helps your organization to run in a smooth manner. 

Well, if you are trying to connect the activities of the pedagogies or other in-house libraries that are not related to the job performance of the organization cannot be counted in the human resource Information System. Although specific differences can be seen between the concepts of training, education, and development, it will be easy to understand so that you can make a difference in them. 

Hence, the Human Resource department is the support group to improve the job performance of the members of the organization. We too understand you must be curious about the benefits of implementing HRIS at your organization. 

To end this quest, we are sharing the benefits of having HRIS at your place. Agreed, when we talk about HRIS, there may be several assumptions that may get in your head. However, as you have reached so far, then you must have understood what HRIS is. 

Now, we will share the benefits of using the Human Resource Information System: 

  • Enhanced Employee Relation

To enhance employee relations it is important to build a significant work culture for them.  The HR department can start extending various workplace benefits such as updates, training, development, and so on. Happy employees always attract other workers!

However, in terms of job training, you can put workers under the guidance of a supervisor while working on job-related knowledge and skills. This method is very practical and applicable, so it is the most used of education and training methods today. This method is not carried out by a company-wide education and training program, but is usually administered by the head of each department and is responsible for all planning and execution.

  • Safety and Health Management

HRIS counts down various processes that are unutilized and may require more time. Hence, in the workplace, it is important to make sure each and everything is perfect at the place without harming others. Keeping this in mind, HRIS also offers various functionalities that are related to safety measures.

Safety management is to maintain a state where there is no risk of accidents. The maintenance of this state should be centered on preventive activities that remove risk factors. Safety management that simply focuses on physical or environmental conditions and is recognized as a human problem related to human behavior and humans eventually becomes the goal of safety management.


There is a gamut of HRIS solutions available in the market and organizations are spoilt for choices. However, there are only a few options that are trusted and offer all-in-one services like Accomplish. 

We ensure seamless integration with multi-channel capability. Rest assured that our HR software will maintain the confidentiality of information, rapid data sharing, and easy collaboration. Also, we offer a pay-as-you-go pricing policy to deliver customized HR function that are fit for the business of all sizes. 

We hope now you have understood everything related to the Human Resources Information System. As said above you to get the array of customized HR solutions you can share your quotes with us. We would be happy to help you!


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