So, you’re looking to implement an HR software solution in your business. Or, you’ve decided to make a switch from your existing HR or PEO solution. Either way, you’ve made up your mind, and now looking for some quality solutions that are cloud-based. To help you out, we’ve put together a detailed comparison of two of the leading cloud HCM software available in the market. Zenefits and Accomplish EP are market leaders in the HR software industry and come with a lot of similar features that make it pretty difficult for companies to pick one of them.

Zenefits and Accomplish EP offer almost similar features in the Core HR, payroll, onboarding, and workforce management software domain with few add-ons. Both come with a mobile app and self-service dashboard that allow employees to view pay stubs, request PTOs, opt for benefits plans, download tax documents, and more. Accomplish EPs software and services are more customizable, affordable with real-time support whereas Zenefits shines because of its simplicity and mobile-first platform.  

Now let’s see a detailed comparison between Accomplish EP vs Zenefits:


Core HR: Equal

When it comes to Core HR, both Zenefits and Accomplish EP provides unique HR tools that let you manage your entire workforce with ease. Both offer an online employee database where the data syncs automatically to the remaining system modules, including payroll, time tracking, and benefits administration. You also get mobile apps (Android and iOS) that can be used by your employees for punch-in/out, PTO requests, benefits elections, and more. 

Besides, you also get online eSignature, new hire reporting and employee onboarding tools. All of these features are present in the basic version of this software. 

If you need additional tools, both HR software companies offer advanced plans. With Benefits, you get compensation management, performance management, and employee engagement modules with its premium plans. It even comes with the “well-being” module that you can use to measure, track, and improve workforce well-being. 

Meanwhile, Accomplish EP advanced HR solutions include managed services for payroll, benefits administration, as well as, tools for managing performance reviews and employee goals.  

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Benefits Administration: Accomplish EP Wins

Accomplish EP provides full-service HR capabilities, but benefits administration is one of its strongest differentiators. The ben admin module present in Accomplish EP is unique, as you can both use software and its advisory services. It employs benefits advisors that guide you through every plan option to build the best benefits package for your workforce. Most HR software vendors leave benefits administration to the software but Accomplish EP guides you through the entire process. In fact, Accomplish EP offers thousands of plan (medical, dental, vision, 40K, etc.) options from 100+ top national carriers that you can choose from and offer to your employees based on their location and unique needs. 

In comparison, Zenefits also has made the market reputation of a top-class benefits administration software vendor but fails to beat the Accomplish EP. Zenefits is more appealing to small businesses as it provides a free version of its HR software with benefits and employee management modules. But, it does not offer plan flexibility and customization features. Similarly, the level of advisor support you get for managing your benefits plan is not great when compared with Accomplish. 

Ease of Use and Customer Support: Accomplish EP Wins 

Accomplish EP and Zenefits both provide an initiative software experience to their users, right from onboarding. However, given that Accomplish EP has been built from the ground up on a single codebase with one employee record, this unified platform offers a more immersive experience when compared to Zenefits. Further, the after-sales support and system updates provided are pretty consistent and reliable. It takes a couple of weeks for a mid-sized business for system onboarding. Zenefits, meanwhile, has an  implementation timeline of twelve to fifteen weeks, which is not great.

In terms of customer support, both software vendors compete closely. Both Zenefits and Accomplish EP HCM software provide 24/7 chat, phone, and email support options. They also have a community forum where you can post questions related to common issues for a quick resolution. 

Payroll Features: Equal  

When it comes to payroll processing, Accomplish EP and Zenefits offer nearly the same functionality.  Both payroll software solution providers offer standard features like automatic pay runs, contractor payments, garnishment services, multiple payment options (direct deposit and check), and year-end tax reporting (such as W2s and 1099s). 

However, based on our evaluation system, we’ve found Accomplish EP to be better than Zenefits in many areas. Accomplish EP provides payroll tax services such as tax calculations, garnishments, payments, and filing to state and federal agencies accurately. In comparison, Zenefits offers simple tax filing services only. 

Managed Services: Accomplish EP Wins 

Accomplish EP offers top-class managed services (for payroll, HR, and benefits administration). This HCM software solution provider employs certified, seasoned HR experts and benefits advisors, offering quality advice and suggestions to all its clients. Additionally, they also take care of employee benefits enrollment data transfer to insurance carriers for all clients via automated EDI tools. Zenefits, meanwhile, also provides managed services for payroll and benefits administration. But, the level of support and response times are not that great when you compare it against Accomplish EP. 

Pricing: Accomplish EP Wins 

Accomplish EP comes out on top when it comes to the pricing evaluation. Despite being a seasoned player, this all-in-one HR software has maintained affordability, pricing transparency, multiple plan options, and zero setup fees for all its customers. Such features have been praised by its customers across multiple HR review platforms. Accomplish EP basic price tier (called HR Essentials – $5/month) offers core HR tools for managing employee data, electronic documents, hiring, onboarding, HR reporting, news feed, and org charts. However, it offers a lot of customization options with which you can request add ons for payroll processing, benefits administration, and HR-advisory. 

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On the other hand, Zenefits pricing is also very affordable and starts at $8 per employee monthly. Zenefits competes closely with Accomplish EP but is unable to get past it. If you are a large employer, you might also need to pay setup fees in order to get started with Zenefits. Unlike its rival, Zenefits does not provide multiple plans with customization options. 

Learning and Professional Development: Both Loses 

Unfortunately, both Zenefits and Accomplish EP do not come with built-in learning and professional development features for employees. You need to explicitly ask these vendors to provide learning management system support via some third-party integration. Alternatively, you can request them to integrate their HR software with your existing employee professional development tools. 

Accomplish EP Pros and Cons 

Pros  Cons 
Easy-to-use and customizable  Payroll cost extra per employee 
Intuitive, mobile-optimized platform  International payroll options available 
Fast setup and implementation 
Fully integrated and modular platform
Comprehensive benefits administration with plans available in 49 states


Zenefits Pros and Cons 

Pros  Cons 
Wide range of HR tools  Not ideal for mid to large size businesses
User-friendly  Comparatively Expensive 
Managed services support International payroll not supported
System setup and implementation takes time

The race to take the pole position in the HR software solution category is close between Accomplish EP and Zenefits. Accomplish EP targets mid to large size businesses by offering competitive HR tools with performance management software, compensation, and employee benefits options. While Zenefits targets small businesses by offering an intuitive HR solution with  onboarding, time & scheduling, and PTO tracking tools.

Both share similar features – and shortcomings also. Ultimately, Accomplish EP emerges as a more comprehensive HR solution, thanks to its user-friendly interface, benefits management features, and affordable pricing options. To make the final decision, you should also consider factors like the size of your business, your industry complexity, and what features are important to you. 


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